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2x12 Deutscher Titel: Chuck gegen die dritte Dimension
Originaltitel: Chuck vs. the Third Dimension

Erstausstrahlung DE: - Keine Angaben -
Erstausstrahlung USA: 02.02.2009

Zuschauerzahlen DE: - Keine Angaben -
Zuschauerzahlen USA: 8.45 Millionen

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Chuck bekommt den Auftrag den berühmten Rockstar Tyler Martin (Dominic Monaghan) zu beschützen. Währenddessen gewinnt Morgan zwei Backstagepässe zu Tyler Martin's Konzert und muss nun entscheiden, welcher seiner Kollegen mitkommen darf. Dabei veranstaltet er einen Wettbewerb, bei dem auch der neue „Buy More“-Mitarbeiter Jimmy Butterman (Jerome Battis), ein alter Football-Freund von Big Mike und Ex-Häftling, mitmachen darf.


Hauptdarsteller der Folge "Chuck gegen die dritte Dimension":


Zachary Levi Chuck Bartowski
Yvonne Strahovski Sarah Walker
Adam Baldwin John Casey
Joshua Gomez Morgan Grimes
Sarah Lancaster Ellie Bartowski
Bonita Friedericy General Diane Beckman
Ryan McPartlin Devon Woodcomb "Captain Awesome"
Vik Sahay Lester Patel
Scott Krinsky Jeff Barnes
Mark Christopher Lawrence Big Mike
Tony Hale Emmett Milbarge
Dominic Monaghan Tyler Martin
Jerome Bettis Jimmy Butterman
Nicholas Guilak Achmed Gambir


Regie: Robert Duncan McNeill
Drehbuch & Konzept: Josh Schwartz & Chris Fedak
Produzenten: Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak, McG, Allison Adler, Peter Johnson, Phil Klemmer, Paul Marks, Robert Duncan McNeill, Matthew Miller, Scott Rosenbaum
Musik: Tim Jones

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  1. Diese Folge wurde in ColorCode 3D produziert und im amerikanischen und britischen Fernsehen nur in 3D ausgestrahlt. Auf der DVD zur 2. Staffel (UK/US-Import) befindet sich in einer limitierten Version sowohl die 2D- als auch 3D-Version, dazu ist im Lieferumfang eine passende 3D-Brille (ColorCodeViewer) enthalten. Eine kostenlose 3D-Brille kann man allerdings auch beim TV-Sender ServusTV anfordern.
  • Chuck: I watched you kill that FULCRUM agent in cold blood, Sarah. I am, I am not like you. Okay? I might have all these government secrets in my brain, but that does not make me a real spy. I, I need to tell you this in reality, not in my dream.
    Sarah: Chuck... this isn't a dream.
    Chuck: What is it?
    Sarah: It's a nightmare!
  • Chuck: How much tranquilizer did you use?
    Casey: It's high grade at a heavy dose. Mr. Martin should be out for 12 to 24 hours.
    Tyler Martin: [Starts to wake up] Jet lag is brutal.
    Chuck: Rock star metabolism.
  • Sarah: Well you don't have plans, do you?
    Chuck: Would it be so crazy if I did have plans? Plans that involved something other than fixing computers or playing hot potatoes with a thermite grenade?
    Casey: Yes.
  • Sarah: You know Casey's right. You could've gotten yourself killed. What exactly were you thinking?
    Chuck: What was I thinking? I'll tell you what I was thinking. I was thinking like I wasn't a spy. I was trying to have a little bit of fun. And I knew the second I called you two, it would all be over!
    Sarah: But you are a spy. And you should know better than to put yourself in a dangerous situation where I can't protect you!
    Chuck: Is it really so wrong for me to want a night off? I was having a really good time until the assassins stole my pants and tried to kill me. I've earned it. I deserve it.
    [Casey shoots him with a tranquilizer dart]
    Chuck: I'm losing consciousness.
    [Chuck falls to floor unconscious]
    Sarah: CASEY!
    Casey: My ears couldn't take it. Either that or I shoot him.
  • Tyler: Chuck, in case you hadn't noticed yet, I asked you to party... with me.
  • Casey: [returning from a mission] If you're worried about Chuck, I can talk to him. Scare him straight, I'd actually enjoy that.
    Sarah: Uh, no. That's okay. I'll get him under control.
    [Casey opens the door to his apartment, they both realize Chuck and Martin are gone]
    Casey: ...Too late.
  • Tyler: [laughing as he's dancing with 2 women] Chuck, we got a problem, these girls want to take us upstairs and do despicable things to us.
    Chuck: Tyler. TYLER! That- That's not- That's not such a great idea!
    Tyler: All the best nights of my life have begun with that very sentence.
  • Chuck: [Casey shoots Tyler with another tranquilizer] Casey what is wrong with you? You can't do that! You'll give the guy brain damage or liver problems!
    Casey: Too late on both counts.
  • Chuck: He had threatened my family, my friends, and you were just doing your job. I get that but - Sarah, the guy was unarmed. And - and you just...
    Sarah: I did what I had to do. He knew who you really were. Your whole family was in danger. And I'm sorry. Sometimes I forget you never asked for all of this.