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2x15 Deutscher Titel: Chuck gegen den Muskelprotz
Originaltitel: Chuck vs. the Beefcake

Erstausstrahlung DE: - Keine Angaben -
Erstausstrahlung USA: 02.03.2009

Zuschauerzahlen DE: - Keine Angaben -
Zuschauerzahlen USA: 6.6 Millionen

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   8.5/10  (38 Votes)

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Als Sarah den Auftrag bekommt einen FULCRUM-Agenten namens Cole Barker (Codename: „Beefcake“) zu verführen, wird Chuck natürlich eifersüchtig, will es aber nicht zugeben. Währenddessen trifft sich Big Mike weiterhin mit Morgan's Mutter, sodass sich dieser bei Chuck einquartiert und Jeff und Lester starten ein „Buy More Babe“-Casting, um auf diese Weise eine neue „heiße“ Mitarbeiterin für den „Buy More“ zu finden.


Hauptdarsteller der Folge "Chuck gegen den Muskelprotz":


Darsteller Charakter
Zachary Levi Chuck Bartowski
Yvonne Strahovski Sarah Walker
Adam Baldwin John Casey
Joshua Gomez Morgan Grimes
Sarah Lancaster Ellie Bartowski
Bonita Friedericy General Diane Beckman
Ryan McPartlin Devon Woodcomb "Captain Awesome"
Vik Sahay Lester Patel
Scott Krinsky Jeff Barnes
Mark Christopher Lawrence Big Mike
Tony Hale Emmett Milbarge
Jonathan Cake Cole Barker
Katrina Law Alexis
Brooklyn Decker Buy More Babe Bewerberin


Regie: Patrick R. Norris
Drehbuch & Konzept: Josh Schwartz & Chris Fedak
Produzenten: Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak, McG, Allison Adler, Peter Johnson, Phil Klemmer, Paul Marks, Robert Duncan McNeill, Matthew Miller, Scott Rosenbaum
Musik: Tim Jones

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  • Chuck: Ooh! Ugh! Oh my God! This is unbearable! My back is killing me, my wrists are chafing!
    Cole: This is going to get ugly. What level is his pain tolorance?
    Sarah: I'd say about 1 out of 10.
    Chuck: What? A one? I'd say I'm at least an 8.
    Sarah: Chuck, the torture hasn't even started yet.
    Chuck: This is the pre-torture? Okay, okay, put me down for a 1.
  • Chuck: Ellie, Awesome, I have made a very important decision. I am moving out...
    Ellie: [Ellie gasps] Yes!
    Chuck: And moving in with Morgan.
    Ellie: NO!
  • Sarah: Chuck, he knows you're the Intersect. We have to go into 24-hour protective detail until further notice.
    Chuck: What exactly does that mean?
    Sarah: It means we can't break up. And we have to move in together.
    [Noticing Ellie, Awesome and Morgan]
    Sarah: Well, Ellie's watching; we'd better sell it.
    [They hug]
    Chuck: Are you sure about this? I mean he's a really tough guy. Maybe he won't talk.
    Sarah: Chuck, everyone talks.
  • Captain Awesome: Yeah, sometimes you gotta play hard to get. Cold and detached is a very powerful aphrodisiac, babe.
    Ellie:: So is abstinence, you want to try it?
  • Ellie: Morgan what are you doing here?
    Morgan: Chuck didn't tell you? This is kind of embarrassing, my mom is uh, romantically involved with my boss from work. So I need a place to stay.
    Captain Awesome: Big Mike's banging Bolonia?
    Ellie: Gross honey.
  • Casey: Don't be a hero on this one, Bartowski. Leave it to the pros!
    Chuck: Excuse me, I *am* a pro! My job is a certified Computer and Electronics Technician.
    Cole: Great cover.
    Casey: It's not a cover. It's his life.
  • Casey: General, we have a situation. I need surveillance from a NASA satellite!
    General Beckman: What's going on, Agent Casey.
    Casey: FULCRUM'S captured the asset. I suspect he's being tortured.
    General Beckman: Dear God, he'll never last.
  • Chuck: That's why I think we should break up.
    Sarah: Is that what you really want?
    Chuck: Yes it is.
    Casey: Great. Most annoying romance of my life is finally over.