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Chuck 2x02 Deutscher Titel: Chuck gegen die schwarze Witwe
Originaltitel: Chuck vs. the Seduction

Erstausstrahlung DE: - Keine Angaben -
Erstausstrahlung USA: 6.10.2008

Zuschauerzahlen DE: - Keine Angaben -
Zuschauerzahlen USA: 5.90 Millionen

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   9.5/10  (46 Votes)

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Nachdem der neue Intersect explodiert ist und General Graham mit sich gerissen hat, tut sich die Chance auf, an die echte "Cipher", das Hirn des Intersects, heranzukommen, dass sich in den Händen der ehemaligen KGB-Agentin Sasha Banacheck (Melinda Clarke) befindet. Dabei sind Chucks Fähigkeiten als Verführer gefragt. Und damit auch nichts schief geht, wird er vorher von der alten Agentenlegende Roan Montgomery (John Larroquette) gecoacht ...


Hauptdarsteller der Folge "Chuck gegen die schwarze Witwe":


Zachary Levi Chuck Bartowski
Yvonne Strahovski Sarah Walker
Adam Baldwin John Casey
Joshua Gomez Morgan Grimes
Sarah Lancaster Ellie Bartowski
Bonita Friedericy General Diane Beckman
Ryan McPartlin Devon Woodcomb "Captain Awesome"
Vik Sahay Lester Patel
Scott Krinsky Jeff Barnes
Mark Christopher Lawrence Big Mike
John Larroquette Roan Montgomery
Matthew Bomer Bryce Larkin
Melinda Clarke Sasha Banacheck


Regie: Allan Kroeker
Drehbuch & Konzept: Josh Schwartz & Chris Fedak
Produzenten: Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak, McG, Allison Adler, Peter Johnson, Phil Klemmer, Paul Marks, Robert Duncan McNeill, Matthew Miller, Scott Rosenbaum
Musik: Tim Jones

Bilder zur Folge

Chuck 2x02 Chuck 2x02 Chuck 2x02 Chuck 2x02

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  • Roan Montgomery: [to Chuck about Sarah] Don't worry Charles, I'll teach you how to get her too. But first, we're going to need more gin.
    Casey: [listening from his apartment] We're dead.
  • Chuck: Is that a - real kiss, or a cover kiss? Cause I'm confused right now.
    Sarah: It's a "we have a international security emergency. And I need to speak to you privately" kiss.
    Chuck: See? I knew I felt something.
  • Chuck: Well it may not be the steamiest, but we probably have the strangest relationship in Los Angeles.
    Sarah: Doubt that. Morgan's still dating, right?
    Chuck: Good point.
  • Chuck: [being asked to be on a new mission] Uh, you can count me out on this one. No more dangling me off of buildings. No more guns being pointed at my head. No more putting my life in danger. I'm going back to my peaceful, quiet, albeit degrading existence at the Buy More. So, have fun on the mission, and... really love what you've done with the place.
    General Beckman: Is there something wrong with the Intersect?
  • Chuck: Sarah, please tell me you saw that. Leaped from the balcony, lands with a flourish and the Russian judge gives it a 9.4. Oh and by the way, I have this thing called the Cipher if anyone's interested.
    Sasha Banacheck: Yes. Mr. Carmichael. I am *very* interested.
  • Roan Montgomery: My life may be boring and cowardly, *but* I'm alive. That's more than most in my line of work can claim.
  • Roan Montgomery: The reason I failed you twice was that your partner at the time was too pretty to pass. I should've failed her a few more times.
    Casey: I should have known.