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2x09 Deutscher Titel: Chuck gegen die innere Ruhe
Originaltitel: Chuck vs. the Sensei

Erstausstrahlung DE: - Keine Angaben -
Erstausstrahlung USA: 01.12.2008

Zuschauerzahlen DE: - Keine Angaben -
Zuschauerzahlen USA: 7.3 Millionen

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Bei einer Mission findet Casey heraus, dass sein früherer NSA-Mentor Ty Bennett nun einer der meistgesuchtesten Verbrecher des Landes ist. Währenddessen statten Devon's Eltern den Bartowskis völlig unerwartet einen Besuch ab, mit der festen Überzeugung Ellie und Devon bei ihren Hochzeitsvorbereitungen helfen zu müssen. Im „Buy More“ will Emmett unterdessen die Arbeitsproduktivität der Belegschaft durch einen „Mitarbeiter des Monats“-Wettbewerb steigern, was dazu führt, dass die Mitarbeiter einen eigenen Wettbewerb untereinander starten.


Hauptdarsteller der Folge "Chuck gegen die innere Ruhe":


Zachary Levi Chuck Bartowski
Yvonne Strahovski Sarah Walker
Adam Baldwin John Casey
Joshua Gomez Morgan Grimes
Sarah Lancaster Ellie Bartowski
Bonita Friedericy General Diane Beckman
Ryan McPartlin Devon Woodcomb "Captain Awesome"
Vik Sahay Lester Patel
Scott Krinsky Jeff Barnes
Mark Christopher Lawrence Big Mike
Tony Hale Emmett Milbarge
Bruce Boxleitner Dr. Woody Woodcomb
Morgan Fairchild Honey
Carl Lumbly Ty Bennett
John Knox SWAT Leader


Regie: Jonas Pate
Drehbuch & Konzept: Josh Schwartz & Chris Fedak
Produzenten: Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak, McG, Allison Adler, Peter Johnson, Phil Klemmer, Paul Marks, Robert Duncan McNeill, Matthew Miller, Scott Rosenbaum
Musik: Tim Jones

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  • Casey: Sure thing, Chuck. I'll just call all the criminals, rogue spies and let them know to hold on a second because Chuck Bartowski needs to sort out his lady feelings.
  • Chuck: Dude, you're sensei's a badass!
    Casey: Not my sensei. He's a traitor!
  • Sarah: Wow, I've heard of Bennett. But I've never actually met anyone who actually trained with him.
    Casey: I can't talk about it. It's classified.
    General Beckman: We're opening Bennett's file for this assignment. Any personal knowledge you have could be vital for the success of this mission.
    Chuck: Come on Casey, share with us.
    Casey: In Hell!
  • Ty Bennett: [after crushing Morgan's soda can] Wise man always treats a stranger with respect, or he could be gazing on the face of an enemy.
  • Casey: Bennett's at the Buy More?
    Sarah: WHAT? How is that possible?
    Chuck: Was. *Was* at the Buy More. Now he's at the Large Mart parking garage. I'm tailing him.
    Casey: No! Stop you imbecile. You're no match for him! Don't be an idiot!
    Chuck: Look you're only reacting like this because were hurt okay? Please don't lash out at me. Where'd he go?
    [Chuck comes face-to-face with Bennett]
    Chuck: Oh God!
    [Chuck drops his cellphone]
    Casey: Chuck? Chuck! Bennett's got him. He's probably dead by now.
    Sarah: Shut up and drive!
  • Casey: [to Chuck] If my primary objective wasn't to protect you, I'd kill you.
  • Chuck: [after freezing his shackles and freeing himself] Those seven years of MacGyver finally paid off.
  • Sarah: Nice work sensei.
    Chuck: Yeah, well. The thing is Casey doesn't have a calm center. It's more an angry center.
  • Chuck: [mimicing Casey's voice] Well thanks for saving my life today, Chuck.
    Chuck: Any time, Casey. Yeah, you know what you're my friend.
    Chuck: [mimicing Casey's voice] Yeah you're my friend too.
    Chuck: That's really kind of you, Casey. Have a good night.
    Casey: [seriously] Thank you.
    [closes door]
  • Chuck: Dad's going to walk you down the aisle.
    Ellie: You can't... say that Chuck. I know you want that for me, but - we haven't heard from him in a really long time.
    Chuck: Yeah well, I'm going to find him. I'm a smart guy, I can do that. And when he hears about the wedding, he'll be here for you.
    Ellie: Come on. You really think he'll make it?
    Chuck: I guarantee it.