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3x18 Deutscher Titel: Chuck gegen den Ring, Teil 1
Originaltitel: Chuck vs. the Subway

Erstausstrahlung DE: - Keine Angaben -
Erstausstrahlung USA: 24.05.2010

Zuschauerzahlen DE: - Keine Angaben -
Zuschauerzahlen USA: 4.96 Millionen

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„Der Ring“ nimmt Chuck und sein Team im zweistündigen Staffelfinale ins Visier! — Der Ring kommt Chuck und der Operation Bartowski immer näher und sieht in ihm und allen die ihm nahe stehen mittlerweile eine ernsthafte Bedrohung. Glücklicherweise setzt Chucks Vater (Scott Bakula) alles daran um seinen Sohn und dessen Team zu retten. Währenddessen muss Casey heimlich seine Tochter Alex vor dem Ring verstecken und Big Mike erhält verhängnisvolle Neuigkeiten über die Zukunft des „Buy More’s“.


Hauptdarsteller der Folge "Chuck vs. the Subway":


Zachary Levi Chuck Bartowski
Yvonne Strahovski Sarah Walker
Adam Baldwin John Casey
Joshua Gomez Morgan Grimes
Sarah Lancaster Ellie Bartowski
Bonita Friedericy General Diane Beckman
Ryan McPartlin Devon Woodcomb "Captain Awesome"
Vik Sahay Lester Patel
Scott Krinsky Jeff Barnes
Mark Christopher Lawrence Big Mike
Brandon Routh Daniel Shaw
Scott Bakula Stephen Bartowski
Scott Holroyd Justin Sullivan
Mekenna Melvin Alex McHugh


Regie: Matt Shakman
Drehbuch & Konzept: Alison Adler, Matthew Miller & Phil Klemmer
Produzenten: Josh Schwartz, Chris Fedak, McG, Allison Adler, Peter Johnson, Phil Klemmer, Paul Marks, Robert Duncan McNeill, Matthew Miller
Musik: Tim Jones

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  • Ellie: Chuck, our Chuck, punched a CIA agent in the face today and they are holding him right now!
    Awesome: You mean you haven't been cheating on me?
    Ellie: What? Devon, what are you talking about? No. Listen to me. I think he's going to need a lawyer.
    Awesome: No, no. Chuck has been with the CIA for years! I am so glad you finally know. What a relief it is to talk ... [Ellie stares at him incredulously] You don't know. Oh, no. I just told you.
  • Awesome: The whole generalissimo thing - I was undercover on a mission. That's it, that's all I know, babe. Oh, and you can blame the CIA for my bachelor party. Stripper - she was an agent. Told you I didn't cheat. Faithful.
    Ellie: I can't believe that my brother and Sarah are spies. How is my dad involved in all of this?
    Awesome: I, uh, have pockets of missing knowledge. I didn't want to know because I didn't want to have to lie to you, babe.
    Ellie: Devon, an actual, legitimate answer exists as to why my father as been missing my entire life and you didn't think to ask that question?
    Awesome: Correct.
    Ellie: You need to find me somebody who knows a lot more than you do. Right now. [Scene cuts to Morgan]
  • Ellie: Morgan Grimes, the boy that took my pillow as his date to Junior Prom knows more about my family being spies than I do.
  • Ellie: All I know is that Justin told me that John Casey is a double agent and he's here trying to gather information about my dad. But if Chuck is an agent too then maybe Casey lied to him and turned him somehow?
    Morgan: Our Eagle Scout, Chuck? Turned? To the dark side? No. Not gonna happen. And any suggestions that Colonel Jonathan Casey's character's in question, well I would stake my entire, albeit okay, thin, reputation on the fact that he is Uncle Sam's most faithful servant.
  • Ellie: I need to hear you say it. I need to know that there's a reason that you left us.
    Stephen Bartowski: It's a long story. I want to tell everything but I've got to take care of this first, okay? [he hugs her] This is the last time I'm going to walk away from you. I promise. I love you, baby.
  • Chuck: General, what the hell is going on?
    General Beckman: I don't know how else to explain it, Chuck, but all our are on the line.
  • Stephen Bartowski: If you stay, everyone you love will be in danger. You have to choose who you want to protect: you or her.
    Chuck: Dad, please don't leave...
    Stephen Bartowski: Right now, Charles! You have to run to protect her!
    Chuck: I'm sorry, Sarah. I'm sorry, but if I have to choose, I will always choose to protect you.
  • Justin: Shaw, Bartowski's infiltrated the base.
    Shaw: Of course he did. [to Sarah] Why won't your boyfriend ever think with an organ besides his heart?
    Justin: Uh-hmm, no Sir. Not this one. Bartowski and his father found the other base. The Ring base. They triggered the silent alarm.
    Shaw: Damn it!
  • Casey: [to Sarah] Don't know when it happened but our boy became a man. Bartowski's a spy. Picked a good one, Walker...finally.
  • Morgan: Who do you work for? It's okay, you can tell me, I'm on the inside.
    Alex: The pie shack in Silverlake.
    Morgan: Yeah. Come on. Lady, please, I have a very high level of clearance, okay. Listen, I can't let you walk back there and have access to John Casey's locker without knowing what's going on. I'm sorry, my hands are tied.
    Alex: I don't know what's going on. All I know is that this customer, John, kidnaps me and then he tells me that he's my father and now there's men chasing us and I'm sorry I know that I don't really know you, I'm just a little confused right now.
    Morgan: No, no, it's okay, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to make you upset. Look, Miss, I promise you this, if John Casey says he's your father then it's the truth. I trust that man with my life. You have nothing to be afraid of, not if he's your father. And in fact, this store is as safe as anywhere...provided you stay away from those two ... [nods towards Jeff and Lester]
  • Chuck: Why did you come back this time? You came back because you wanted to protect Ellie and me. Because you knew no matter how far you ran, you could never live with yourself if something happened to somebody that you loved.
    Stephen Bartowski: If we do this...we gotta be smart. Not think emotional! We can do this. We're Bartowskis.