Chuck Webisodes

Hier gibt es alle Chuck Webisodes:

(Achtung: Das Laden der Videos kann etwas länger dauern, da es sich um die HQ-Versionen handelt)


Chuck Webisode 1 -- Buy More #15 - Employee Health

John Casey explains how to rid the Buy More of unwanted pests.





Chuck Webisode 2 -- Buy More #17 - Leadership

Even Big Mike knows that sometimes a manager has to look the other way.





Chuck Webisode 3 -- Buy More #7 - Customer Service

At the Nerd Herd service desk, not all occupational hazards are unwelcome.





Chuck Webisode 4 -- Buy More #24 - Youth Marketing

Young or old, loyal customers are created by great sales associates, like Morgan Grimes.





Chuck Webisode 5 -- Buy More #14 - Work Ethic

Emmett's secrets for Buy More career success: show up early and keep your eyes and ears open.